Recovery Today Magazine is a Magazine of Hope!

If you are an author or therapist and you’d like to share something with our audience, please contact us. There is one main question, a litmus test we have, about what you'd like to share.

“Does it give hope?”

If the answer is not strongly “Yes!”, then won’t even consider it for Recovery Today Magazine.

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Help at LEAST ONE more person, take at LEAST ONE more step to being sober for at LEAST ONE more day. 

Our Goal

If we can give HOPE to one person to take one more step, we’ve accomplished our goal.

Its just that simple.

Prior to submitting something for review, please also consider the following core values of Recovery Today and who are our readers.

Yes, change is possible – and the time is now!

If you need addiction help for yourself or someone you love call now 24/7

Please send article or interview consideration requests to:

Rob Hannley, Editor in Chief

Those in Recovery

Recovery Today provides hope for those who are sober and have begun to turn their lives around.  They must now begin to be comfortable with themselves or others as a sober person. 

Those who “Got Sober” Long Ago

Recovery Today provides hope for those who have been sober a long time. This is a cunning disease that will always tell you “you’re different”.  We make our stand. Sobriety is for life.

Recovery Today provides hope for those that are battling addiction for themselves or someone they love who needs recovery. It must provide HOPE to this group as well as the message “there is no shame”.

Those NOT Yet in Addiction Recovery

Our Audience