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Brent Bolthouse shares his powerful transformation and success story. Recovery Today Podcast

Brent Bolthouse is a consummate entrepreneur and a hospitality maven who is virtually invented today's nightlife scene with the development and opening of some of the hottest nightclubs supper clubs restaurants lounges and bars all across Southern California including, “Bungalow” in Santa Monica along with his sister property in Huntington Beach and the 4th coming Long Beach location. He began working as a club promoter at Opus Lily in 1989 and his early career included promoting the Roxbury, The Viper Room, and the House of Blues. He also opened the Los Angeles clubs Babylon, Opium Den Sunset Blvd.’s Coffee House, and the Avalon venue where he is still a partner. However, before all the success he struggled with a major addiction. Join us for the incredible transformation story of Brent Bolthouse.
  1. Brent Bolthouse shares his powerful transformation and success story.
  2. Jodie Sweetin of Netflix's Fuller House, shares her powerful story of recovery.
  3. Interview with Director, Actor, Robb Humphreys
  4. Staying Sane And Sober In A Rock Band With Dave Kushner From The Velvet Revolver
  5. Into Addiction And Out To Recovery: Having More Fun Sober With Jack Osbourne

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Season 1 – “The Corona Chronicles”

Season 1, the Corona Chronicles, follows a unique group
of influencers through the progression of the
Pandemic of 2020-?


Episode 1 Jack Osbourne

Episode 2 Robb Humphreys

Episode 3 Dave Kosher

Episode 4 Jodie Sweetin

Episode 5 Brent Bolthouse

Episode 6 Wes Gear

Episode 7 Robert Rusler

Episode 8 Michael Chernow

Episode 9 Mike Dash

Episode 10 Marc Giveand

Episode 11 Dr Robb Kelly

Episode 12 Charlie Smith

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